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Delivery policy

With Biotech Dental Vietnam's large nationwide coverage, quickly responding to customers' needs, we bring this Shipping & Delivery Policy to establish a common standard for partners, as well as create conditions to help customers comfortably choose the product they like without having to worry too much about the time and effort of transporting goods.

1. Shipping method
Biotech Dental Vietnam will directly transport and deliver directly to Customers.

2. Working hours
Working hours start from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day, Saturday from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m, Sunday off.

In some cases, delivery time may be slower than expected for a number of reasons such as: Customer address is incorrect, Customer is not at home, Delivery staff cannot contact the customer, natural disasters. accident, fire, etc. If there is a reason from Biotech Dental Vietnam Company, we will contact the customer to re-arrange a reasonable delivery time.

In case the expected time has passed and the customer has not received the goods, please respond so we can have the fastest solution. While waiting for the goods, if the customer wants to change the order (Change product, Don't want to receive the goods anymore,...) but the service has not sent the goods, please notify Biotech's Customer Care Department. Dental Vietnam at email address: or hotline number: 0917 96 0917 for us to consider and resolve.

3. Delivery documents
All products distributed by NIDP Biotech Dental Vietnam Co., Ltd. have full documents such as:

1. Sales invoice
2. Delivery record
3. Delivery note
4. Value-added invoice

Therefore, customers have the right to refuse to receive goods without one of the above documents. This is to ensure product quality, purchase the correct goods from NIDP Biotech Dental Vietnam Co., Ltd., and at the same time ensure the rights of customers. Customers in Returns.

When delivering goods to customers, our staff will send a handwritten sales invoice or an electronic invoice to the customer.