Biotech Dental Vietnam

With nearly 35 years of experience, Biotech Dental is currently one of the leading corporations in the French market in the field of oral health care with the most advanced solutions.

Therefore , under the inheritance of technology, Biotech Dental Vietnam is currently one of the pioneers, exclusively distributing and providing technical support for product lines such as:

– Implant: Kontact (Biotech Dental France).
– Endodontic product line: Endo-Express, Endo-Tango (EDS USA).
– Personal magnifying glass: Orascoptic (USA).
– Bone and Periosteum: Biom'up (France).
– Crown and post removal tools: Wamkey, Wam'X, Wam Tweezers (Wam - Canada).
– Surgical tools used in dentistry Department: Innovative (Germany).
– Blouses, clothes for assistant, surgery.

Vision: In the next 10 years, under the economic fluctuations and technological innovations, the dental industry will have more breakthrough changes than 130 years ago. New digital solutions, when combined with surgical methods - such as implants, will change the way of working in the dental industry, especially doctors and dental professionals. At the same time, it will also improve the level of service and understanding of patients. As a manufacturer, we focus on producing high-quality products, promoting user health and perfect care services.

Mission: Leading innovation, investing heavily in research and development to achieve the highest quality standards and providing advanced solutions for dental practices generation 2.0.

With a high professional research team, non-stop develop of new technologies into products, combined with a modern factory system and large scale production, we are confident in our products and services quality. Biotech Dental Vietnam wants to improve the quality of lives, and bring benefits to the community. At the same time, contributing to the development of Vietnam's dental industry.

Core values


Products are focused on investment in technology and produced on the most advanced production lines in France.


The world's most advanced and exclusive technology comes together in one product. Under human intelligence, we create innovation for future dentistry.


Putting the needs of patients and professionals at the heart of our development goals, we design effective solutions that meet all dental problems and user health safety.


Providing quality, sustainable and accessible solutions for all.


Wide distribution system throughout Vietnam. Including headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and representative offices in Hanoi, Hue and Can Tho.


Professional staffs, always monitoring and promptly responding to customer needs. This is the advantage of Biotech Dental Vietnam compared to other brands.

History of formation

Biotech Dental

Biotech Dental

Company founded by Dr. Poulmaire.

The Family Office Upperside

The Family Office Upperside

Received by Biotech International by Mr. Phillip Veran and Bruno Thevenet.



Establish a 3D Printing Company.

Biotech Dental Vietnam

Biotech Dental Vietnam

Establish a branch in Vietnam.