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Privacy Policy

Website copyright is owned by NIDP Biotech Dental Vietnam Co. Ltd, a company specializing in the distribution and technical support of all product lines such as: implant, endodontics, personal magnifying glass, bone and periosteum, surgical instruments used in dentistry.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of customer privacy and ensuring that customers continue to trust Biotech Dental Vietnam in providing their personal data.

This Customer Information Privacy Policy is created to provide general information about how We will collect, use or process personal data that Customers provide now and Future; as well as how We will support Customers before making any decisions related to providing Customer personal information to Us.

Customers please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at Hotline: 0917 96 0917 or send questions to Biotech Dental Vietnam in the "Contact" section.

1. Purpose and scope of using personal information
Information collected through the Biotech Dental Vietnam website will be served for the following purposes:
- Technical support, response to customer inquiries, complaints and general feedback about our products.
- Encourage customers to participate more actively in our products and services. This may include the use or publication of consumer-generated content.
- Improve and personalize customer experience on the website
- Adjust information to suit Customer needs and come up with new product ideas.
- Provide the latest information about promotions, products and services of Biotech Dental Vietnam.

2. Forms of personal information collection
Biotech Dental Vietnam reserves the right to collect personal data about Customers from various sources, including through:

- Online and electronic interactions such as Biotech Dental Vietnam Website, mobile applications, SMS programs, and third parties such as Facebook,...

- Offline interactions include direct marketing campaigns, hard copy registration cards, contest entries and communications through support phone calls. Biotech Dental Vietnam customer support.

- Customer interactions with online targeted content (such as advertising) that Biotech Dental Vietnam, or service providers on our behalf, provide to Customers through the Website or application third party.

3. Information storage period
We will store and secure your personal data for a reasonable period of time from your last interaction with us. When the personal data we collect is no longer needed, we will securely destroy or delete the data.

4. Persons or organizations that may have access to the information
Biotech Dental Vietnam does not share customer personal data with any third party, intending to use such data for direct marketing purposes, unless the Customer has given specific consent regarding that work.

We will maintain customer data in a secure operating environment and will only be accessible to Biotech Dental Vietnam employees, representatives and contractors on a need-to-know basis.

Biotech Dental Vietnam also follows commonly accepted industry standards in this regard.

5. Address of the information collection and management unit
NIDP Biotech Dental Vietnam Company Limited
Business registration address: 407/8 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hotline: 0917 96 0917

6. Methods for Customers to access and edit their personal information data
At any time, Customers can access the website to log in and edit registered personal information.

In case the Customer does not want to continue to cooperate, cancel access requests or change provided information or other requests related to personal information, please contact Customer Care. Our products follow:

Hotline: 0917 96 0917
Email to receive information:

7. Commitment to personal information security
We are committed to protecting customers' personal information in every possible way. We use information security technology according to international standards to protect this information from being retrieved, used or disclosed unintentionally. We will retain personal data in accordance with applicable laws. However, We will anonymize Customer's personal data as soon as we detect the possibility of the following problems:

The Purpose for which personal data was collected is no longer the original Purpose;

Retention is no longer necessary for any legal or business Purpose.

If the Customer stops using the services and products of Biotech Dental Vietnam, we may continue to store and use the Customer's personal data in accordance with the contents of this Policy.

Subject to applicable law, We may securely process your personal data without prior notice to you.

8. Policy changes
Information security policy may change according to time or actual situation. We reserve the right to amend our personal information privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. This provision is not a legally enforceable contract. But, Biotech Dental Vietnam is committed to following this regulation to protect all customer information data.

9. Mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints
During the process of accessing the Website, if the customer feels worried or suspicious about any unwanted personal information being stolen, or personal information being used for the wrong purpose or in violation of the law, Once notified, customers can send complaints to the Customer Care Department of Biotech Dental Vietnam at email address or hotline 0917 96 0917

- Note: Before being allowed to access any customer's personal information, we send requests and notifications directly on the website interface and wait for the customer's approval. If the customer chooses to agree, then we are actually allowed to access the customer's information. If the customer does not agree, we will absolutely not access the customer's personal information.